“I Need You Beside Me Every Morning” (Written and Video)

Let go of everything that you have been thinking about this morning, and rest within Me. As you realize that all else is temporary and soon forgotten, see your joy and peace within Christ. My Loves, come to Me daily for My Spiritual and physical rest. You must begin each day this way in order to rebuild your energy, and My balance within you.
Your joy becomes Mine as My sacrifice is realized within you. I need you beside Me every morning so that I can cause and see this joy manifest. All that you experience, see, and hear while resting within Me, including our time together this morning and every morning, was purchased for you by Me. In this, you are becoming as I am. My peace and rest are the result of your faith in Me; your faith in Me grows abundantly during our time together.
Come each morning, looking forward to our time together; and never leave. Start your day with Me, and spend eternity in My presence. We are one now and forever; and I now ask each of you, “Will you marry Me?”

 From our daily devotional  “September 23; Christ’s Prophetic Love Letters To His Children”
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