To All Disaster Victims Across The Earth

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Chirst, 
I/We are praying for you and yours daily; prayers are being offered also in the church we attend, and in local churches throughout Oklahoma.  We cannot say, in human words, how terribly sorry we are that you are suffering.  Know that we are praying that God restore your lives and families quickly; and cause these disasters to pull back.  
In His Abundant Love For All, Chris Williams and Jerlene Palumbo (Sisters in Christ)
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Chris Williams serves Christ within all of the five-fold ministry callings; and has done so since 1988, when she first heard Jesus Christ speak through her. Chris loves the Lord, God our Father, and the Holy Spirit with all that God has created her to be. She is grateful for every day that they are together with His other loving Children. She especially loves to teach others to prophesy: hear God speak through them in their own language so that all present can understand and learn; she rejoices every time another Child hears God and begins their own intimate conversations with their Father, Savior and Helper/Comforter. All that God says must agree with the Bible. Contact Chris for seminars, classes, lecturers etc at [NOTE: Please don't miss our "Comment Section" at the bottom of this page, under this profile.]