“Sit Quietly And Rest Within Me” (Written and Video)

[Please Note: This video is the first of three consecutive videos and love letters in which Jesus Christ, Himself, leads you into a beautiful Spiritual vision.  These letters are a beautiful gift for all, including me.  One should read June 19; “Write Down All That You See” first, then  June 20; “Sit Quietly And Rest Within Me” and then June 21; “Daily I Wait For You”  (all three are from the love letters are in “Christ’s Prophetic Love Letters To His Children” by Christine Williams.]


[Jesus says] “My Beloveds, sit quietly and rest within Me. Close your eyes. Return to the beautiful field of flowers that we were in yesterday. Take in their smell. Were you able to smell the flowers as if you were there? Have you seen My flowers? Are they all one color or different colors?
See My birds flying in the sky; concentrate on them. Do they come close to you, or are they flying upward and higher into the sky? What color is the sky? What color are the birds?
Now, describe what you saw; write down all the wonderful, beautiful things that you saw, saith your Lord, Amen.”