“Our Friendship Is Dear To Me”

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In the morning, when you come to Me for our time together, pray that your mind doesn’t wander off into other thoughts. Don’t steal My precious time with you; don’t steal this precious gift that I have given you. Our time together is a gift from Me to you, Children. Embrace it and honor it by concentrating on Me alone. Seek, through prayer, to hear Me clearly each morning; and then turn all of your attention toward Me, saith your Father and Lord, Amen. I love you and am waiting upon you.

All conversations involve back and forth discourse. If you truly love Me, you want to know Me as I know you. Come, expecting to enter into My presence and hear My voice; and you will.

Our friendship is dear to Me, and I do not take it lightly. I expect you to long for Me, your Spouse. I want you to listen for Me daily; I want you to listen to Me daily. I am in love with you now and forever, Amen, your Lord Amen.

 From our daily devotional  “August 8; Christ’s Prophetic Love Letters To His Children”
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