“Each Day Is A Brand New Beginning”


Be still, My Little Ones. See this day as a new beginning. See Me as the sun that rises daily. Hear My birds’ song as they sing out praises unto My Name, Amen Amen and again Amen. Wield the sword of faith against our enemy. Stand as trees against his lies <Jn 8:42-47; Isa 61:1-3>.

Untold wealth, Spiritual wealth, awaits those of you who wait in My Rest daily. See My Face upon your own as you meditate on My nature within our shared heart <Jer 32:38-41>. Learn to seek and appreciate My Presence within you. Hear Me whisper your name deep within.

Learn to sing praises to Me and you will see your own life’s source, your spirit, soar; you will also see the enemy of the Lord cease <Psalms 8:2>. With your mouth you can change your heart into Mine, and change the world of evil into God’s love toward His <Matt 12:34-37>. Never cease allowing Me, My Words, to flow through you, transforming all into the manifested Will of God.

Seek the things of God until your heart is content, and never cease in loving. Always know Christ’s love within and see the enemy lose the battle. Together, we conquer one day at a time. For Me, your Lord, one day is Eternity.

If this is the last day you will spend on earth, please spend it within Me: in My love and in My Word, Amen. Today, not yesterday or tomorrow, is the day for which you will be judged. Rise each day as if I come. Say, “Lord Jesus Come.” Rise each day as though you have just entered My promised new Eternal day. For, truly, each day is a brand new beginning.

Do not slide back. Do not be a backslider. Do not look back at the past mistakes.

Concentrate and meditate only on My Presence and Blessing in this new Eternal day, Children. Each day is the new promised beginning, Amen Amen Amen. Jesus Christ is your Lord Christ Jesus, Amen.

All have understood, or will come to understand the answers; and all the “whys” will be answered. The time between the “why” and “My answer” causes you to grow.

From our daily devotional  “July 14; Christ’s Love Letters”
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